Our Big Data & Predictive Analytics Solutions Suite


Our predictive analytics solutions builds generic and custom analytical solutions across four analytical areas of competence : Marketing Decisions, Customer Management, Risk Management and Pricing Optimization. We have a solution repository of over seventy highly customizable solutions across six industries - Financial Services, Insurance, CPG & Retail, Telecom, Public Sector and Government. We partner with leading analytic companies in the technology consulting, strategy consulting and market research industries helping companies scale their analytics initiatives from the department to the enterprise. 

Marketing Decisions


Extracting superior value from marketing investments is a necessary goal made difficult by scale, speed-to-market and decentralization of marketing decisions to line marketing. Historical analysis to justify marketing ROI is no indicator of future marketing success unless backed by an enterprise wide framework of predictive decision making. Planning, monitoring and evaluating effectiveness of marketing decisions on a predictive framework helps organizations extract superior ROI from each marketing dollar. 

Customer Management


 Customers are the life-blood of an organization and all organization constituents exist to serve the customer. Yet many organizations interact with them with only a partial understanding of why they do business with them. A one-size fits all approach is inefficient and overtly expensive. Experiental understanding of customers backed with an analytical framework for understanding behavior results in superior customer interaction strategies that positively impact customer satisifaction, customer revenue and customer profitability. 

Risk Management


 All business operations face varying degree of transactional or periodic risks. It is necessary to understand the nature of the risks and put risk mitigation strategies in place. Key sectors like Financial Services, Insurance, Telecom and Government have significant components of financial and compliance risks. It is important to segregate the impact of individual components of risk and understand their impact in isolation and in combination with other factors. Scoring of risk at individual and entity level helps organizations minimize losses and maximize facilitation. 

Pricing Optimization


 What is the right price for an existing or a new product, its components or a service, is a question that can be answered only through scientific measurement. The approaches may be primary research or transactional data analysis driven or an amalgamation of the two, but the subject of analysis remain the consumer or the competitors of the enterprise. There are significant opportunities to study the consumer and competitor thresholds to optimize pricing to a level that maximizes the throughput at product portfolio level as well as product sub component level.