Publications - 2018

Retail Consumer Market Projection - The National UAE

KIE Square Macroeconomic analysis - Retail Industry -  Kamaljit Anand - May 2018

Opening up the debate on Skills vs Talent - Mail Today

HR and workforce analysis - Ena Khurana 
Mail Today - June 2018

The Truths and Challenges of Big Data Solutions - The Entrepreneur

Big Data Science Lure
Article by Kamaljit Anand in The Entrepreneur, 2018

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Economic Times Article, Dr. Kamaljit Anand

An Interview with EMEA Head

The Nation UAE, Macroeconomic view of Indian Consumer Markets, June 2018 

Transcript of the Interview with Dr. Kamaljit Anand (pdf)


Position Papers

Risk Scorecarding - Micro Segment Level Development Considerations

ks_ps_risk_0310 (pdf)