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Advisory & Governance


Operating with a decentralized and real-time operational view of analytics requires scaling up analytics from the department to the enterprise. Scaling up requires building and managing the right platform to set standards for defining requirements, scoping, integrating IT, business units and vendors on to a common platform and building the right governance platform to monitor and report on the effectiveness of all initiatives. Setting up a Analytics Program Management office enables companies to engage experts to manage the integration of the different processes and provide an operational platform for line managers to take data driven decisions based on analytical science. 

Business Intelligence & Visual Analytics


We use advanced Logical data models for each Industry to present the most relevant Business Intelligence led through Intelligent KPIs (iKPIs). Our reports and Dashboards are built on visible as well as projected data so that the Visual Analytics is not only explanatory in nature but also futuristic. We use a broad spectrum of tools ranging from proprietary tools to open source, however our attempt is to develop reports and dashboards that are technology and platform agnostic. We see our clients moving towards Cloud based Technology Agnostic platforms and the same has started yielding visible ROIs already.

Big Data & Predictive Solutions


Our predictive analytics and Big Data solutions build generic and custom analytical solutions across four analytical areas of competence : Marketing Decisions, Customer Management, Risk Management and Pricing Optimization. We have a solution repository of over seventy highly customizable solutions across six industries - Financial Services, Insurance, CPG & Retail, Telecom, Public Sector and Government. We partner with top analytics companies in the technology consulting, strategy consulting and market research industries helping companies scale their analytics initiatives from the department to the enterprise. Big Data Solutions are available across India, Singapore and US geographies

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