Advisory & Governance

Advisory & GovernanceOur advisory services are geared towards helping companies integrate the management of internal analytics thereby scaling them from the department to the enterprise. We setup teams of experts and analysts who not only manage the development of new models but also help companies leverage the investments made in existing models. We work with companies who have analytic roadmap in place as well as companies starting to build a vision on leveraging analytics for competitive differentiation.

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analytics program management
integrate management of all analytic initiatives


Operating with a decentralized and real-time operational view of analytics requires scaling up analytics from the department to the enterprise. Scaling up requires building and managing the right platform to set standards for defining requirements, scoping, integrating IT, business units and vendors on to a common platform and building the right governance platform to monitor and report on the effectiveness of all initiatives. Setting up a Analytics Program Management office enables companies to engage experts to manage the integration of the different processes and provide an operational platform for line managers to take data driven decisions based on analytical science.

BI workplace audit
integrate auditing and maintenance of existing models


Companies undertake significant investments into model building only to realize that changes in macro and micro-environments result in sub-optimal results of the models. A quick but inefficient approach is to discard older models and build newer ones as the expected cost of updating old models is similar to building it anew.

We have codified best-practices of model development and maintenance that ensures a streamlined model maintenance program that keeps models current and updated, helps the organization scale up their analytic initiatives and delivers superior ROI.

outsourcing governance
integrate management of multiple vendors


Effective management and governance is critical to the success of any analytical outsourcing initiative. A typical operating environment consists of multiple vendors engaged across the BI value chain. Absence of a governance framework results in a siloed approach to analytical insights.

Our outsourcing governance framework that is a subset of our analytics program management framework contains codified best-practices, tools and frameworks to set operational and governance platforms on a single platform.